Joint and Head Injections

We provide Facet Joint and Sacroiliac Injections

A cervical, thoracic or lumbar facet joint injection involves injecting a small amount of local anesthetic (numbing agent) and/or steroid medication which can anesthetize the facet joints and block pain. Facet Joint injections are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons to treat painful conditions in joints involving twisting, turning and bending.

Facet joint injections usually have two goals: to help diagnose the cause and location of pain and also to provide pain relief:

  • Diagnostic goals: By placing numbing agents into the facet joint, the amount of immediate pain relief experienced by the patient will help determine if the facet joint is the source of pain. If complete pain relief is achieved while the facet joint is numb, it means that the joint is likely the source of pain.
  • Pain relief goals: Along with the numbing medication, a facet joint injection also includes injecting a time-release steroid (cortisone) into the facet joint to reduce inflammation, which can sometimes provide longer-term pain relief.

The injection procedure may also be called a facet block, as its purpose is to block the pain.